About us

HUGEDELAY LTD is a Pieksämäki, Finland based production company focused on building premier events for the people interested in classic cars, hot rods, motorcycles, vintage & retro lifestyle or just about anything running on wheels and burning fossil fuels.
OUR EVENTS are built around solid and simple principles. We build events that are easy to participate, simple to understand, and will suit for the whole family. We pay an incredible amount of attention to the details and overall customer experience in order to create experiences that do more with less.
FIRST AND FOREMOST, our main priority is to create valuable events that serve both the enthusiasts participating the event and the general public visiting the event. Our second priority is to help our sponsors connect with the community efficiently and to the benefit of all sides.

Our events

BIG WHEELS® is one of the biggest open-air automotive round-ups in Finland. It’s also the premier summer festival of the greater Pieksämäki area. Last year the Big Wheels® gathered almost 900 special interest vehicles and a crowd of 10.000 people. The event features all kinds of vehicles, from tiny Beetles to mighty American trucks – not to forget motorcycles and kids’ pedal cars. Most of the participants come from Finland but we have also seen cool cars visiting from other European countries and even Australia. www.bigwheels.info
SAVO VINTAGE® is a popular trade fair that features sellers of vintage clothes, shoes accessories and a variety of other stuff true nostalgia fans can’t live without. It is the premier vintage and retro lifestyle event of the Finnish lakelands. The Savo Vintage® fair was born in 2011 and continues to grow as it takes place at the same time and location as the Big Wheels® There is always a lots of buzz going on which is good for the athmosphere and of course for the sellers too. www.savovintage.info
WHAT’S THE NEXT BIG THING? We’re working to expand our event portfolio into new locations. If you would love to see Big Wheels® or a vintage trade fair also in your neighborhood, please get in touch and ask about our partnership and/or franchising options.

Our services

IN ADDITION to our own flagship event Big Wheels® we have been involved in various events in a wide variety of venues across the nation. Our expertise includes event concept planning, event brand creation, event marketing and event management.

MONEY CAN’T BUY THE PASSION. We are very picky about what kind of events we will accept as clients. We are looking for clients that are as passionate as we are about our events, audience and their experience.

Event consulting workshop

TAKE ADVANTAGE of our experience in event development and management. We can help you to build a both street and financially credible event.

Event development workshop

TRY BRAINSTORMING with us or pitch your ideas against our experience. We can help you to fill out the blank spots in your masterplan or even take your idea to a whole new level.

Turnkey event production

YOUR IDEA is awesome but you don’t have enough time or resources to build the event out of it? In selected cases we can also consider producing and managing your event from start to finish.

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